26 May 2006

double knit cap

Ah, my first adventure in double knitting. It seems so long ago, but I suppose it really wasn't. I made a reversible hat for a friend of mine, following this (quite simple but lovely) pattern. I have to say, the whole process was much simpler than I originally anticipated. Looking at the pattern alone, I was definitely stratching my head---but once I started, things fell into place really quickly.

For this project I used Mission Falls 1824 merino wool. At the time of purchase, I was warned that this was the end of the line. I've been glad to learn in the time since that some changes have taken place, and this yarn will still be produced. Although there were some funny bits (chunks of wool wrapped around the yarn--pretty easily picked off), this yarn was a pleasure to work with. It also has a great shine, and makes for a very warm, soft fabric.

Consequently, this was also my first project that used double-pointed needles.

There's something terrifying about first holding DPNs in your hands, but once again I managed to surprise myself. I really have to say that I had absolutely no problem with them. They're not my favorite thing in the world, but until I decide to teach myself the magic loop method, this will do. Besides, there's something fun about having people stare at you as if you're painting the Sistine Chapel while using them.

But oh, what I learned! I knit tighter than I purl. Apparently this is common, but I was unaware of this when I started the project, and thus the inside (green) is a little larger than the outside, as can be seen below.

So, the hat fits better the opposite way I had hoped. Sadly, blocking did little to fix this trouble. As for how I would fix this in the future, I'm not entirely sure, aside from trying to counter it by knitting looser and purling tighter than I normally would.

The only other thing I'd chage is to move the stripes down a bit, as they sit too high on the cap for my tastes. Still, all in all i'm pretty pleased with this project. Because it has two layers, it's super warm, and the wool is so soft and lovely that it makes me want to forgive myself for the mistakes I made. Live and learn, as they say.

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Anonymous colleen said...

DPNs are fun. Double knitting is fun. Knitting a hat in late May?! Well, if you live in New England you probably need it :-).

26 May, 2006 21:39  
Blogger Jackie said...

Haha... this was actually a January project. I've only been knitting since October, but I still have a bunch of projects to catch up on before I get to the present. :)

27 May, 2006 02:37  

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