27 June 2006

iPod Cozy

As usual, I seem to be posting about a project way after completion. A month ago I decided that maybe I should finally knit up a cozy for the iPod I got for Christmas. Now I was never the sort of person who felt the need for an iPod---I had a perfectly good (if not considerably more unweildy) mp3 player already---so I wasn't about to go out and spend $30 on a case for the thing. Now, I might have to one day if I ever plan on using it at the gym, but for general avoidance of scratches, I thought the cozy from the first Stitch n' Bitch book would to just fine.

At this point, I have still yet to buy and sew in any velcro to keep it shut, nor a button to hide the stitching that would involve. But, it works just fine for keeping it in my purse or coat pocket.

Obviously, I only used two colors where the pattern called for three. I had some TLC Cotton Plus in mint and medium blue lying around, so I used that. Sadly, the cozy is a tad looser than I'd like it to be (I'm not sure what generation of iPod was out when the book was published, but it also claims to be a cell phone cozy, so obviously the sizing isn't exact). Were I to do it again, I'd definitely make it smaller, and I might consider working it up in the round.

I think I spent the grand total of an afternoon on it. Now if I could just manage to write about something sooner than a month after it's done. :)



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