27 February 2007

Clapotis Mark II

Very little knitting is getting done these days, much to my dismay; my new job is to thank for that. For the first week or two, I spent my morning and evening commutes people-watching (I swear, it's far more interesting than it sounds); this week, however, I finally broke down and started knitting on the train. I reserve my lunch breaks for reading, so why not my commute for knitting?

Clapotis numero dos has been claiming all of my attention lately. Somewhere along the line, I just couldn't stand to look at socks anymore (I think my sizing frustrations with Hedera are to blame). I like knitting socks, but I don't know that I'll ever be a sock knitter. I'm much happier knitting things that will show themselves off more readily.

Not that that's the reason I knit—but I digress.

Photos of the Clapotis-in-progress will come at some point. It's a full-sized version, unlike the thin scarf-like one I gave to my mother. This one is for me. It is silken and luxurious, and I can't wait to show if off when it's finished. Thankfully, not only do the colors go with my favorite fall/winter coat—they also stand out beautifully on their own, making it a fabulous spring wrap.

Clapotis, O Clapotis;
Only other knitters know
Just how much I love thee.

I . . . wow.

I think I shall stick to pictures next time,



12 February 2007

Urban Necessity gloves

Pattern: Urban Necessity Gloves by the Subway Knitter

Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus, medium blue (51% cotton, 49% acrylic).
Needles: 4.00mm nickel-plated circulars (KnitPicks Options)
Time: Five days, maybe a little less.
Modifications: Horizontal thumb hole added.
Skills Learned: Basic glove construction, thumb gusset.

Comments: Urban necessity indeed! For my first pair of gloves, this could not have gone any better. Any errors that occurred were easily cover up in finishing. As for this yarn, heaven help me, I love it. The softness of cotton, with an extra sheen—lovely. Durable, but nice against the skin. For an acrylic blend, it really is quite pleasant.

Were I to make these again, I'd add a little length to the palms, as I have rather large hands, and they feel a bit short. I would also like, at some point, to extend the length of the wrists a bit, as I was rather in a rush—but for now, they have been working well, and I wear them constantly.