27 February 2007

Clapotis Mark II

Very little knitting is getting done these days, much to my dismay; my new job is to thank for that. For the first week or two, I spent my morning and evening commutes people-watching (I swear, it's far more interesting than it sounds); this week, however, I finally broke down and started knitting on the train. I reserve my lunch breaks for reading, so why not my commute for knitting?

Clapotis numero dos has been claiming all of my attention lately. Somewhere along the line, I just couldn't stand to look at socks anymore (I think my sizing frustrations with Hedera are to blame). I like knitting socks, but I don't know that I'll ever be a sock knitter. I'm much happier knitting things that will show themselves off more readily.

Not that that's the reason I knit—but I digress.

Photos of the Clapotis-in-progress will come at some point. It's a full-sized version, unlike the thin scarf-like one I gave to my mother. This one is for me. It is silken and luxurious, and I can't wait to show if off when it's finished. Thankfully, not only do the colors go with my favorite fall/winter coat—they also stand out beautifully on their own, making it a fabulous spring wrap.

Clapotis, O Clapotis;
Only other knitters know
Just how much I love thee.

I . . . wow.

I think I shall stick to pictures next time,




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