09 December 2006

So much knitting, so little time.

Sock one of the Hedera pair is completed! I am in love with the short row heel, and I think it will be my main technique from now on. The heel flap feels more sturdy, but I tend to wear out socks in the toes, not the heels, so I don't think it will be too much trouble.

The Winter 2006 issue of Knitty is up, and it is beauteous. There are so many interesting and adorable things, most of which I will never have a reason to knit. Eiffel might just replace Tempting II as my first sweater, though—it has more variety through the body, and I wouldn't be altering the pattern at all.

In addition to wanting to start on the Mac Socks soon (Hedera number 2 might wait a bit—second sock syndrome, and all), I'd really like to work on Counterpoint these next few weeks, to break up the socks a bit. Illusion knitting looks interesting, and I have this wonderful vision of piano keys in a deep, toasty brown and warm cream, antique; perfect to go with my new coat, and more subtle than the example scarf. Something soft in a yarn, a touch thinner than worsted weight. In other words, I would like, for once, to knit a scarf I'll actually wear.

The Irish hiking scarf is still sitting around, looking for someone to be gifted to, for that very reason. Acrylic, even blended with 20% wool, makes my skin crawl. Good for people who will forget to handwash; bad for me and my growing adoration for natural fibres.

Finals are over in one week. This means that I graduate soon, and classes will not be getting in the way of my knitting time, at least for a little while (of course, work will). Delicious, isn't it?




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