22 October 2006

yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

But why is the rum gone?

It's pretty obvious that I have no use for a pirate-style tricorn hat, but damned if I'm not intrigued all the same. Someone really needs to talk me out of adding this to my list of things to knit (It'll have to wait until I have my own washer/dryer, due to the felting). I mean, it'd never get any use---but it's just so hilarious and awesome that despite the fact that it clearly looks better in leather, the temptation is hard to ignore.

I don't know what it is about the allure of the pirate---but I remember playing games with my cousin when I was younger, and he had the Edward England (or was it the Calico Jack?---my memory fails me) flying from his fort; it's no surprise, perhaps. I've always felt I belonged to a different era, even as a child. There's something lovely about romanticising the past, is there not? Then again, maybe I just long to wear a fancy dress and corset.

Either way, I think the tricorn hat will probably never get knit---but it does seem like a fun project all the same.

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