11 October 2006

learn by doing

It's interesting to see how people all over the place can make the same mistakes, without even realizing it. My mistake? The gusset---perhaps unsurprisingly. That whole "pick up and knit" thing that you're supposed to do somehow slipped [knitting pun---get it?] right by me. Literally, I picked up the stitches (just one side, not two), and knit into it through the back of the loop (to keep things tight and neat). Evidently, I did more than make up the ktbl. part; I did it entirely wrong.

I'm in good company, though. Grumperina did the same thing on her first pair of socks. And you know what? I'm happy with this method. I think I'll stick with it. Deviant behavior (and social control?) ahoy.

Either way, I have officially finished my first sock ever, which is entirely too exciting. As seems to be the case with me and learning new knitting-type techniques, learning how to sew up the toe with the kitchener stitch was quite simple. I did make some other mistakes on the toe, mind you (thanks to my own carelessness, more than anything), but we'll come to that next time. Huzzah! :)

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