11 August 2006


I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan. I've seen all the movies, but never read any of the books. That being said, I'm glad to have finally gotten my second HP knitting project behind me. Also knit in Lion Brand Wool-Ease, I changed things up this time, casting on less stitches (I don't recall how many), and going up to US size 9 needles. This made the project go quicker, and the fabric knit up much softer on the larger needles.

After finishing it, this scarf was promptly mailed off to A in Florida, where I doubt it will get much practical use, but will still be quite loved.

I've been knocking off projects left and right recently, and it feels really good to be getting them done and handed off. I still have three things on the needles and one more important project planned for Christmas, but with a little discipline and a lot of patience, I think I can pull it off.



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