26 July 2006

time for something new

I guess there comes a time in every knitter's life when they simply must make an item that they have not yet found a pattern for. That time in my life came a number of months ago, but with it being summer, I just haven't felt the same desire to knit. Even the shawl hasn't been touched in a few weeks now. But clearly knitting hasn't been entirely off my mind.

So, I have a plan for a hat, and I hope the recipient will like it. I can think of maybe two or three people who would wear this hat (well, I'd wear it, but I don't feel I've earned the right). It will also be my first project involving fair isle, unless I decide I'd rather double knit it---which, is all honesty, makes for one comfortable and warm hat. It would be cool to learn a new technique, though. We shall see.

So, over the next few weeks I will scour ine internet for some charts. I think that the hat itself will be easy to design---I'll just need to swatch, factor in the number of stitches for each repeat of the design, and figure out how many repeats make sense to go around one head. I'm figuring that worsted weight size US8 needles will do just fine---and maybe I'll try the magic loop method this time around for something new.

The only thing I need to figure out aesthetically is the decrease section. I've done a stockinette hat with a spiral-like decrease, and a ribbed hat where the decreases were much less visible as a design element. I think that for this one I would like the decreases to be similarly invisible, but I'm not sure exactly how to pull that off in stockinette without randomly scattering them. The last concern, if I double knit the project, is how to deal with the gauge difference I had on the inside and outside last time. Aside from trying very hard to purl tighter and knit looser (which I fear might just end up making things messier and less predictable), does anyone have any ideas?

I might make this project my excuse to finally order yarn from KnitPicks, and to try out a set of their needles. I don't need needles, of course, but I've heard that they compare fairly well to Addi Turbos (only slightly pointier, which I won't complain about), and as much as I love bamboo, in particular for DPNs, the feel of metal needles has been growning on me a lot lately. Besides, if I'm ever going to get started on my first pair of socks, I'm going to need some new equipment. Ah, rationalization!

I guess that means I'm going to need to start browsing for sock yarns and patterns, too. Any suggestions here for my first time out are also more than welcome.

In any case, since I all know we love to see pictures, I present to you all one of my greatest loves, Ginger.

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