23 July 2006

she strikes again

I have to say, I find living with a bunny a great deal more frustrating than I anticipated at the start. I've learned to live with the occasional peeing on things, since I haven't gotten her spayed yet, and she's pretty much stopped doing it on any sort of hard surface. So, that time she hopped up onto my bed aside, things have been going fairly well.

There is one thing, however. Emma likes to chew. She chews on the bars of her cage (this has lessened exponentially over the past few months), chews on carrots, on plastic, on newspapers and boxes and especially, oh, anything soft and made of yarn.

That, my (not-so?) loyal readers, is the result of Emma getting impatient with the speed with which I was getting ready one morning a week or two ago. Since she couldn't chew through the container which holds her food, she decided to nibble on a scarf. This is a scarf I finished ages ago and never posted about, because frankly it looks a lot better modeled than on a bed, and I have no pictures of me wearing it. Luckily, I have plenty more of that ribbon yarn left to fix it, since I couldn't figure out what else to do with the leftovers.

I recognize that this even , like all other things, is my fault. I should not have kept it in such easy reach (as you can see in that image, although the scarf has been removed---it was sitting in the upper right cube). At least it's an easy fix. Finding a new place for my knitting, and something else to put in it's place . . . that will prove a greater challenge.

(Who, me? Why would I do such a thing?)

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