02 August 2006

hiking in the land of Éire

I finally knuckled down (buckled down, did it, did it, did it---10 points to anyone who gets that) and finished the Irish Hiking Scarf last week. I had been trying to decide at some point if I wanted it to be any longer, got distracted by other projects and nicer yarns. One row, a bind-off, and some end-weaving later (read: twenty minutes), the scarf was done.

I still don't know if I'm going to gift it or keep it for myself. It was originally supposed to be for me, made from Lion Brand Wool-Ease in a subdued but textured brown color. I bought this yarn fairly early in my knitting career, and for this scarf in particular because I wanted something that was mainly acrylic, something I wouldn't mind bounding through the snow with. I guess over the past few months I've had a change of heart---so who knows what will become of this scarf. I can say, however, that despite having a very simple design (perfect for my first attempt at cables), it really does look lovely. The pattern is beautiful in that simplicity, and comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a first cabling project.

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