04 September 2006

all warm and cozy

Pattern: Cozy, from Knitty

Yarn: Exactly as requested, Reynolds Mandalay in 'Oatfield.' I was slightly disappointed to find the yarn much darker than I expected (the pictures at the purchase location were accurate, but it looked a lot lighter in the pattern photographs, which I had judged to be more accurate in ordinary light).

Needles: US size 8, aluminum, knit straight on circs.

Time: I started this sometime around late March/early April, I think. Obviously, then, it took me quite a while, but there were a few weeks here and there where it went untouched, as well.

Modifications: I stopped knitting after seven skeins, as it was already quite long enough. The eighth might have been useful were I taller, though. The only other modification I made was more a matter of misinterpretation, and might be corrected at a later date (see my comments below).

Comments: This is my largest project to date (in terms of sheer size). It's definitely a lovely pattern---quite easy for my first lace project (it probably helped using a relatively thick yarn), although I certainly learned the value of lifelines. The pattern calls for ending with row eight, but I wasn't surewhether that meant stop before knitting row 8, or after. I chose after, but as it turns out, I should have ignored the eighth row of the last repeat---it left me with a tiny stockinette section once I added the gartet stitch border. A minor issue, thought I might go back and fix it at some point, easy as it is to remedy.

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