24 October 2006

'In the Woods' (a note)

Few knitters inspire in the way that Stephanie Pearl-McPhee does. Do not for once second think that there are not a slew of other knitters out there that leave me in complete awe, because there surely are—but that lovely woman who calls herself the Yarn Harlot (an unfair moral judgement, perhaps—but, I believe, lovingly said) manages to tie in life-lessons with knitting in ways that leave me feeling both breathless and inspired.

Do read her latest entry, In the Woods, if you can spare the time (and I suggest that you do).

Perhaps I should take her advice. I've only been knitting for a year, but I've moved past scarves and other rectangles, and gotten a fair taste of cables, lace, and socks, all without receiving an ounce of help from another person in these endeavors—and that has to be worth something. One day, I'm going to knit an heirloom shawl (perhaps sooner, even, than I expect) and when that day comes, I don't want to feel ashamed at how long it took me, at how many mistakes I made in the process, at how many hours I wasted by ripping back row, after row, after agonizing row. I don't want to feel ashamed of that experience, or act excessively modest of the product, but proud. There is truth in saying that knitting is not difficult; there is an equal amount of truth in saying it is.


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