24 October 2006

knit one of by land, purl two if by sea

Careful readers (of which I expect there are few) will notice a change of theme—the 'Bunnies Knit' absurdity was a placeholder until I came across something a little more fitting. Now, knitting by sea... I may not do much of it, for certain, but the ocean has always been my home, and the change suits me. It's more serious, and better still, brings together (even if in a purely cosmetic way) two of my greatest loves.

The base image, for those interested, is from a photograph I took on Fire Island (New York). The inspiration comes, perhaps, from a few of my favorite poems, which have been turning over and over in my mind often, as of late:

from 'Exiled', by Edna St. Vincent Millay

I should be happy!—that was happy
All day long on the coast of Maine;
I have a need to hold and handle
Shells and anchors and ships again!

I should be happy... that am happy
Never at all since I came here.
I am too long away from water.
I have a need of water near.

and (unknown), by Anna Akhmatova

Seaside gusts of wind,
And a house in which we don’t live,
And the shadow of a cherished cedar
In front of a forbidden window...
Perhaps there is someone in this world
To whom I could send all these lines. Well then!
Let the lips smile bitterly
And a tremor touch the heart again.

In any case, do enjoy the new theme; it looks to be the final draft of this largely invisible experiment.


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