07 January 2007

Oh, to be rich

Sea Silk [more eyecandy; review] is one of those yarns that I have been drooling over endlessly ever since I first laid eyes on it. Oh, one of these days... a hank or three is going to be mine. [Insert evil laugh here.]

Speaking of needing money, I have decided to sell my gently used Boye NeedleMaster set (when I post my Christmas takings, you'll see why). Nothing is missing from this set.

Some of the color has rubbed off the US8 pair, because of how much I've used them, but the issue is entirely cosmetic.

I also have some vintage yarns that I aquired a while ago, which I have decided I shall likely never use.

The red, Reynolds Nuance, seems to be a faux-mohair yarn; 50% acrylic, 50% nylon; 50 grams / 70 yards. Gauge: on size 10 needles, 4 sts = 1", 9 rows = 2"; on size 11 needles, 3 sts = 1", 4 rows = 1".

The grey, Reynolds Kitten, is rather soft, and has a touch of that mohair look, though not nearly as much as the Nuance; 84% acrylic, 16% wool; 50 grams / 145-160 yards. Gauge: on size 6 needles, 5 sts = 1", 7 rows = 1"; on size 8 needles, 4sts = 1", 6 rows = 1". I believe the two skeins without labels are full, or very close; they appear to have been rewound tighter at some point.

Finally, I have a good-as-new copy of the Interweave Knitter's Companion that I never use. It's a good reference, but perhaps a little better for beginners. I find myself using it so rarely that it's not worth the space it's taking up on my bookshelf. (I am a former English major, after all—space is limited.)

If there is any interest, send me an offer before I wander off to DeStash, Ebay, or some other such place.




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