06 January 2007

Hey, I have a knitting blog! Wow!

Shocking, isn't it? I hadn't actually forgotten, of course—it's just that there has been so little to say. Despite the tons of free time I've had as of late, thanks to being (regerettably, painfull) unemployed, I have done very little knitting since arriving back in New England. Reading and the job search have been taking up most of my time—and without the daily commute or lunch hour, knitting often takes a back seat to my other interests.

I was well on my way to finishing hedera back in New York, when I realized that the first sock, even after one size adjustment, really was still short in the foot. Knowing myself, and how picky I am, I decided that I will go back and fix it, after finishing the second. Only, I couldn't finish the second, because I managed to forget my darning needles at home. Oops?

It's entirely the fault of my impatience, really. I should have looked at them, my gigantic troll feet, and back to the socks again, and realized that there was no way in the nine hells that they were going to fit perfectly.

I pulled hedera off the needles (I'll get back to it one day, when I'm not so sick of looking at it), and started a simple sock based on the smallest size of the Tech Guy Socks—3x1 rib, with the same number of stitches cast on, although it will possibly have a short-row toe, if I'm feeling brave and can find a decent guide. I am nearing the heel on sock one, so at least I've done something. In theory.

As for the aforementioned Mac Socks (part of the Tech Guy Socks pattern), they will have to wait until I can afford to purchase the appropriate yarn. Alas.




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