22 July 2007

Finished Projects (Finally)!

I've been really bad about this blogging thing. So bad, in fact, that I don't have my usual notes for the projects I'm going to show off today. I guess this will be a bit of an eye candy post, then—so enjoy that much, at least!

First up? The Shoulder-Warmer. Admittedly, this was a bit of a stash buster for me (and, as you'll note, it doesn't really cover my shoulders).

I used Lion Brand's Homespun (bulky) for the main color and TLC Cotton Plus (worsted) for the contrast color. It's a bit silly for an article of clothing, but I think it would be nice with a long skirt for a day at the beach in early autumn—when the sun is still hot during the day, but the air cools off significantly as it begins to set.

Can you guess what this next one is?

Why, it's Clapotis, of course! I had made a scarf-sized version for my mother a while back. For this one, I did the full size, or close to it. I didn't count how many repeats of the length I did; rather, I knit until it seemed almost long enough, and then started the decrease rows. I also twisted the stitched around the drop rows, this time on both the right side and the wrong side, and I'm happy with the result (even happier than I was when only twisting the stitches on the right side). As for the needles, I used my KnitPicks Options circulars, I believe in size US 4.

The yarn is a lovely (and thin—1100 yards in one 16 oz. skein) variegated rayon/silk (80%/20%) from Interlacements. The color is Stained Glass (which, by the way, looks nothing like it did on the website; the Renaissance colorway, on the other hand, looks quite the same in my hands as it does on the site). It had quite a few bits where the yarn was damaged, but I don't think it really affects this project much; the drop rows draw your attention away from it. And the yarn, although it split easily, has a gorgeous shine, lovely drape, and is quite soft against the skin. I'm very happy with how this project turned out.

See? Isn't that yarn gorgeous?


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